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Adventure Cat!

Fractalline Healing Blog #2

As some of you know, I have a beautiful calico cat named Chloe. She is 12 years old and has been with me since she was a kitten. This cat has been by my side as an indoor cat for her entire life and has seen me through my roughest days. I love her. The past few months have been a bit stressful on us, as I decided to sell my townhouse and move out of the city and into a more rural area. During this transition time, my partner opened the doors of his home to Chloe and me.

As we got deeper into June (2021), the summer heat began to build. Being mindful of having an indoor cat (who is now in a strange house and neighbourhood), we kept sliding doors open slightly to let some fresh air in the house, but not enough so she could sneak through. One night, she managed to sneak through an open crack. When we discovered she was gone in the morning, I was an absolute wreak. We checked everywhere. I called and walked the neighbourhood for hours. I was so upset that most of my psychic abilities were supressed and all I could think about was getting her home. I asked everyone I could for help, including friends, family, neighbours, and a local pet-finding organization called ROAM.

After two days of searching and worry, I was finally able to calm myself down enough to enter Fractalline Healing. Within Fractalline Healing, I received the automatic chakra alignment and filled my body with much needed energy. I had been crying a lot which is a massive energy loss. After I received my healing, I was able to connect with Chloe. I was shown, in the way I perceive within Fractalline Healing, a knowing that she was alive, healthy, and doing well… wherever she was. I was also able to receive messages from her about her need to be on this adventure, how she was feeling about moving and the realignments that needed to take place between us. She is, after all, on a journey of her own in this powerful time on this planet!

Being in Fractalline Healing, provided me with a high energy sacred space that was able to bypass my fears and obstacles that my mind was engaging with because of my upset and stress. It allowed me an opportunity to connect with her energetically, and know without a doubt, what condition she was in. Her message to me was that she knew how to get back to me, and she would come when she was ready. This message carried with it an energy that offered me so much peace and comfort.

Chloe did return after three nights away, in a healthy condition. I have noticed a positive change in her, and a shift in our relationship in an amazing way. Sometimes we need time apart from those we love in order to grow!

Fractalline Healing isn’t only for healing yourself and others. It isn’t only for raising your vibration, for ascension, for receiving downloads, or connecting to guidance. It is a tool to use when you are in crisis, needing answers, seeking the truth. We just need to breathe and be able to enter, and what can be revealed, will be revealed in the clearest way possible.

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If you would like assistance integrating energies, or anything else on the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual levels and would like to book a Distance Healing Session with me, Laara, click here.

As always, massive Love to you and All Blessings!


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