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The Fractalline Healing Experience

The Fractalline Healing Experience

In this blog series, we are going to talk about concepts, experiences, directions, and explorations within the realms of Fractalline Healing. Some of these will be my own, while others will be connected to students sharing and experiences. I welcome and encourage you to play with what is shared in this blog series and let us know what you discover inside Fractalline Healing!

Experience #1

The Schumann Resonance

Many of us have been feeling the intensity of the Schumann Resonance as of late, and it’s not without good reason! These frequencies have been extremely high – so high that it is literally going off the charts. This can cause stress for our bodies, since this is a massive amount of energy for our bodies to integrate and dance with. We humans are, after all, an electromagnetic being, and are therefore influenced by electromagnetic forces such as those produced by our planet and sun.

As our bodies work with these energies, we can feel a little “off”. Some of the possible side effects can include headache, migraine, nausea, ear ringing, balance issues, sleep disturbances, increased stress, and mood disturbances. The Schumann resonance is also known to affect melatonin production in the human body which can contribute to some of the affects listed here and more.

Fractalline Healing can be a helpful tool to meet and work with the electromagnetic pulses of the sun and the earth.

While these energetic, electromagnetic fluctuations can be a challenge for some of us at times, there are upsides! Heightened Schumann resonance is an increased energy, meaning if we can integrate the energetic bursts offered to us by the planet and sun, we can literally become more light-filled. We also learn how to flow more masterfully with the fluctuating levels of energy, helping us to become less stagnant, less “set in our ways”, and otherwise more adaptable. Becoming more adaptable leads to significant health benefits such as lower stress response!

Fractalline Healing can be a helpful tool to meet and work with the electromagnetic pulses of the sun and the earth. By entering the Quantum Field of Fractalline Healing, we can directly interact with the electromagnetic fields, and our bodies AT THE SAME TIME! We can literally help our bodies to smooth out any disruptions in flow, bring balance to our chakra system and the entirety of our physical body.

How to Work with the Schumann Resonance inside Fractalline Healing

Read these steps before entering Fractalline Healing. If you need to be guided in, use this guided meditation available on YouTube, and pause the video once you are inside the system.

Enter Fractalline Healing. If you have taken our Level 1 course, proceed with your usual next steps.

Once you have entered the system, your chakras have been aligned, and your etheric matrix aligned with your physical body.

Next, you can ask the Beings of Love and Light who support you to assist you in connecting with the Schumann Resonance. Be open to perceive (in your unique way) how this energy presents itself to you.

Once you have made a connection to the Schumann Resonance, ask your Guides to assist you in bringing about more balance in your interaction with this energy. You may also wish to recall this Frequency Picture Light Code while you are within the energies of Fractalline Healing.

How do you recall a Light Code within Fractalline Healing? Simply ask! Even if you don’t remember the Light Codes name (if it has a name), or the exact lines and squiggles, once you’ve seen a Light Code it will forever be available to you through energetic memory!

If you would like to learn more about Fractalline Healing, join our Level 1 course coming this fall, 2021! Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter.

If you would like assistance integrating these energies, or anything else on the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual levels and would like to book a Distance Healing Session with me, Laara, click here.

As always, massive Love to you and All Blessings!


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