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Fractalline Healing is a healing system built with steps and levels. It is important that we learn each stage and be comfortable with the process before proceeding to the next offering. The first three levels are focused on self-development. When you receive your Master certificate after completion of the fourth level, you will be qualified to work one-on-one with clients, and teach Fractalline Healing to others.

Students will receive certificates of completion for each level, PDF notes for each session, and video recordings of each session will be available. Students may work with clients after completing any level, but are encouraged to complete the Master level for full integration and competency. Graduates of the full program will also receive the option of a Quantum Attunement Initiation

How did Fractalline Healing get its name?

The word Fractalline is created by combining the words fractal and crystalline: fract-(al)-line. 


The Fractal in Fractalline

In the simplest sense, a fractal is an image which repeats itself in a pattern, appearing whole at any scale. We see fractals everywhere in nature; in trees, leaves, ice patterns, peacock feathers, shells, flowers, and even river deltas to name a few. To a certain point, our entire universe is a fractal, as are parts of the human body. If you’re interested in looking into fractals in more depth, we recommend looking into the famous fractal, the Mandelbrot set.  

Fractalline Healing is fractal-like, because as we progress within the system, we spiral into deeper levels.

Fractalline Healing consists of four distinct levels which we also call locations, within the quantum field:​

The Levels:

Become a student of Fractalline Healing and discover why others call it "pure, clean, angelic energy" and "what humanity has been waiting for!"

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Level 1: The Crystal Grid, aka. “The Grid”

Enter, Align, Fill, Connect

Level 1: The Crystal Grid, aka. “The Grid”

Enter, Align, Fill, Connect

The Crystal Grid, a location within the Quantum Field, is the foundation of Fractalline Healing. The Crystal Grid is part of the greater “fractal system” of Fractalline Healing. We enter The Grid through altering our brainwaves through meditation and a basic grounding practice, insuring whatever healings, transmissions and activations occur, are also connected to our physical body. 

The Crystal Grid, or “the Grid,” looks like beautiful, living, three-dimensional grid. Imagine lines which stretch horizontally and vertically into infinity—these lines intersect, creating “empty” squares, like three-dimensional graph paper. The lines express themselves as a prismed array of translucent colours, shining and shimmering, dancing playfully to the rhythm and Love of the universe. This space is incredibly healing and supportive. 

In Level 1, you will learn:

  • The history of Fractalline Healing

  • Learn the preparatory meditations

  • Explore some of the many aspects of Fractalline Healing

  • Protocol for entering Fractalline Healing

  • Chakra alignment, DNA activation, learn, grow and advance!

  • Discover Self-mastery techniques

  • Connect with spirit guides, twin flames, ascended masters and ancestors

  • Learn basic techniques for healing yourself and others

  • … and more!

Important Facts: The Crystal Grid is a quantum location within the limitless field of infinite potential. It is a sacred place aligned with Love.

level 1

Level 2: The Platform

The  Manifestation  Space

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“The Platform,” located at the edge of the Void, is where we are still gently aware of our ego but remain connected fully to our physical body … just as we did in The Grid. The energies of the Void gently lap over the Platform, like ocean waves ebbing and flowing over a sandy beach. While we are on the Platform, we feel the energies of the Void, but we are not completely suspended within it. The Platform can be a launching pad for those who wish to experience the Void, but there are other reasons to come to this sacred space within Fractalline Healing.

The Platform amplifies energies we choose to put our energy behind for the purpose of manifestation. The Platform can assist us in focusing our energy and manifesting that which is meant for us in our highest good. It can help us create anything that we wish to create that is in alignment with our soul mission and highest good for all. In order to manifest on any level of our existence, we need to have appropriate alignment and power behind our manifestations. The Platform focuses the energy surrounding our affirmations, intensions, desires, wants, and choices. As the energy of our choosing becomes focused, it is transformed into a tidy package of energy, which is then amplified by the quantum field of Fractalline Healing and the Void.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Review of Fractalline Healing principals

  • Review of The Grid

  • Introduction to The Platform

  • Boundaries and safeguards within The Platform

  • How to manifest within The Platform

  • How to transmute energies within The Platform

  • Practice amplifying energies inside The Platform

  • Shadow work in Fractalline Healing

Important Facts:

  • Can only be used in alignment for the Highest Good for All.

  • Platform focuses the energy surrounding our affirmations, intensions, desires, wants, and choices.

  • The Platform has special safeguards in place which cannot be breached. 

  • The Platform is governed by the Universal Laws of Love.

  • The Platform is another location within Fractalline Healing to release mis-qualified energies such as Shadows and Entities.

level 2

Level 3: The Sun

Upgrades and Connection to Higher Consciousness

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Untitled design-13.png

Typically, we find ourselves spending the majority of our time in the Grid and Platform areas, because these are highly beneficial spaces. There is no “need” to go past those two levels, unless one is truly interested in connecting with their highest potential, and the Truth of All That Is. 


Once we have healed, released, reconnected, and embraced ourselves to a certain degree, we will be offered entrance to Level 3 of Fractalline Healing: The Sun. To be granted entrance to this location, and in order to witness and work with the energies held by The Sun, our baseline vibration needs to be high enough. We increase our baseline energies by entering both levels 1&2 of Fractalline Healing on a regular basis. The Sun is a deeper, even more sacred level of Fractalline Healing, and a space which is not to be missed! Come experience this extraordinary location within Fractalline Healing.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Overview of Fractalline Healing

  • Review of The Grid and The Platform

  • Introduction to The Sun

  • What You Can Do in This Space

Important Facts:

  • The Sun Holds all frequencies in creation.

  • The Sun is healing and activating.

  • Connects us to the Soul.

  • Is a highly sacred space.

  • Holds unlimited possibilities and potential.

  • Is a deep meditative space.

level 3

Level 4: Inside the Sun (Fractalline Healing Master)

Embrace your Holiness

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A Message from the Collective Consciousness of Ascended Masters:

"Fractalline Healing is, in part, for connecting the Galactic Being with the heavenly earth plane. The human must first heal enough of its dysfunction, challenges and karma, to access Fractalline Healing at its depths.


Once you go into the Sun, the fourth level of Fractalline Healing, a cascade of upgrades will occur to set your mind on the track for experiencing the New Earth of Heaven. Upgrades to the structure and composition of the DNA and RNA can and will occur as well as deep physical changes to mental and emotional wellbeing. Thought pattern changes and general experience and perceptions can be altered to reflect the heavenly New World. Once this stage is complete, the physical body is now attuned to receive the data that is the Galactic Consciousness."


Important Facts:

  • Inside The Sun is a deeply personal space.

  • It holds all frequencies in creation.

  • The Sun is healing and activating.

  • It is a connection to our Soul.

  • It is a highly sacred space.

  • There are unlimited possibilities and potential.

  • The Sun is a deep meditative space.


What You’ll Learn:

  • You will become a Fractalline Healing Master

  • You will be able to navigate all levels of Fractalline Healing

  • You will learn how to enter the deepest level of the system

  • By entering The Sun, you will be touching your Soul

  • You will be able to work one-on-on with clients

level 4
What Students are Saying

"This was one of the biggest jumps in my spiritual journey enabling me with so much power and possibilities. I can't say enough thanks to Laara. 'The Grid' is a place where no modality has an equivalent to it, and golden sphere is an energy that can handle anything I can throw it still after working with it more than 2 months. After learning many modalities and coming to this training, Fractalline Healing is easily the most powerful one. It's the crown jewel of healing modalities. Weather you are a beginner or advanced, you'd be lucky and blessed to have this training."

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