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Over the past several years, Light Codes by Laara has been developing a new multi-level, multi-dimensional Healing System accessed through altering our brainwaves and conscious state. Within the system, are opportunities to heal yourself and others, increase energy, connect with guidance, set powerful intentions, and bring forward knowledge from the soul. This system is called Fractalline Healing.

There are multiple layers to Fractalline Healing, which are accessed through meditation.

Level 1: The Grid

Level 2: Manifestation Platform

Level 3: The Central Sun

Level 4: Non-descript Deeply Personal Experience

Level 1: The Grid

The Grid looks crystalline in nature, and is connected to our Heart. The Grid is a Rainbow Diamond Plasma Grid. It is encoded with Light Language and Light Codes for optimal activation and healing on all levels of the being. Upgrades to the structure and composition of our RNA and DNA can occur here, as well as powerful physical, mental and emotional changes in wellbeing. The Grid is in part, for connecting our Galactic Being with the Earth plane.


The Grid is a location within the Quantum Field, and is part of a greater fractal system. The Grid provides a sacred location for:

- Healing self: specific issues (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual)

- Shadow work and other healing modalities and methods

- Enhance, optimize and potentize Light Code healing from The Little Book of Light Codes

- Connect with spirit guides, ancestors, spirit animals, Arch Angles, and any other divine entity and energy of the Light

- Provides a location for Distance Healing

- Provides a location to interact with questionable energies/entities/beings: The Grid offers protection, direction/guidance, for resolution in the Light

- Provides a launching pad for other meditations: can transition into another meditation from The Grid

- Is the first platform of the multi-dimensional Healing System: Fractalline Healing

The Grid is a beautiful, living, 3-dimensional graph. Squares are created by lines stretching horizontally and vertically, that appear to continue into infinity. The vertical and horizontal lines of The Grid connect, creating squares similar to graph paper, which we experience three-dimensionally (3D). The lines express themselves as a prismed array of translucent colours, shining and shimmering, playfully dancing in the rhythm and love of the universe. This space is healing and supportive. The lines themselves have depth, appearing tubular in shape, creating the sense and knowing one could enter into the lines. When we enter into the lines of The Grid, we are now inside “The Grid.” Once inside, we experience vast space. There is a feeling of being suspended, as if in water, gently held and supported in a warm and comforting way. There are no restrictions, only softness. It is possible to feel as though you are being gently held in a cocoon, but with the freedom to explore the infinite nature of The Grid’s lines.

By entering into the lines of The Grid, our chakras are immediately aligned, and our etheric body matrix is realigned with our physical body.

Level 2: Manifestation Platform

Once we have completed our healing process within The Grid, we can move into the next level of Fractalline Healing within the Quantum Field.

When we enter the Manifestation Platform, we notice ourselves standing upon a dark flat surface which stretches out to infinity lengthwise. There is substantial width to the platform, one side meeting a wall which is visually of little significance, while the other side, the edge, drops off to The Void. This space is:

- Sacred and protected by Universal Law

- Bound by “in the highest good for all”

- Optimal space for manifestation

- Amplifies choices/decisions made by the individual

This area potentizes what we wish to manifest, but there are safeguards in place. If it isn’t in excellent alignment, it will not come to manifest. We should however, still remain very conscious of what we wish to manifest within this space. Although it is protected and is bound by High Consciousness Laws, it is a space which requires respect for all.

Level 3: The Central Sun

From the Manifestation Platform, we can transition deeper into the fractal of Fractalline Healing, to find ourselves facing the Giant Central Sun. This is a very healing space and experience, and we are only presented with the option to transition here when we are ready.

Level 4: Non-descript Deeply Personal Experience

Again, when we are ready, we will be guided into the Giant Central Sun. From this point forward we will experience what our Higher Self and Soul wish to share. This is an exceptionally personal experience.


This process is a very deep meditative experience, and we should be gentle with ourselves as we bring our awareness back into the room we are sitting in. When we are ready to come back to our current reality, we need only retrace our steps. For example, if we are at the Manifestation Platform, we simply go back to The Grid. Once in The Grid, we bring our attention back to our breath. Slowly focus on deepening our breath, bringing our awareness back to the room where we are sitting.

Welcome to Fractalline Healing.

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