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Warding Off Psychic Attack

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The Fractalline Healing Experience

Many people are noticing an increase of psychic attacks of late. On the surface, we may believe this is due to the incredible divide humanity is experiencing in belief systems on a global scale, namely, how one feels about a certain viru$ and its mutations. Humanity has been divided on many issues over the course of history, and we are certainly experiencing a powerful energy from individual thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives from just about everyone at this time.

On a larger scale, humanity is also experiencing an influx of energy, which has been talked about in a previous article “The Schumann Resonance”. This increase of energy is emitted by our galaxy as well as our sun and planet. Humanity as a whole, needs to integrate this increase of energy, and it can challenge some more than others.

As humanity is challenged, we notice stress responses increasing amongst those we are closest to and interact with, as well as ourselves. Increased depression, stress and anxiety, health issues such as migraines/headaches, pain, ringing ears, digestive discomforts, skin issues etc. has been noted. A lot of physical and emotional ailments can be related to stress, and let’s face it, we are definitely under a lot of stress! Stress leads to people lashing out, projecting fear, beliefs, and various responses that are not expressed from a coherent, balanced, and neutral emotional state. These expressions come with an emotional charge which is triggering to many people, and although we can look at these triggers as a positive opportunity for growth and healing, sometimes it can feel like an unnecessary challenge! But alas, these are the times we are in.

Psychic attacks are becoming more common as people become more unbalanced and are looking for an energetic way to release their upset upon another person. A psychic attack is a misdirected, misguided, and a completely inappropriate energetic interaction. I would like to emphasize before we go further, that I believe there is no need to fear psychic attacks. I do not believe anyone should fear psychic attacks, but rather cultivate the tools that will disarm disruptive energies should they ever arise. When we have the tools, we can remain out of fear, and therefore hold an empowered space.

I recently had a psychic attack during dreamtime. I experienced a disturbing dream which woke me up, and I entered an anxious state where I was thinking and imagining very disturbing and disruptive thoughts. I told myself multiple times that these thoughts were not my own, but they persisted. I attempted to go back to sleep, but I felt fear just having my eyes closed. I went into Fractalline Healing, worked with the usual preparatory tools which raised my vibration, and then began building a giant reflective mirror-like structure around my entire being. This took little time and effort, and I was asleep within moments of this structure’s completion.

I look back at how I felt before I entered Fractalline Healing – extremely disturbed, and yet in only moments I was in total command of my energy field, and the energies which were playing out around me. I know this was a psychic attack because my guides informed me the moment I asked for their assistance. Now I know how to use Fractalline Healing during this type of crisis, and can pass it onto you, so you may use this as an option, should you ever require it.

It is always an empowering feeling to be able to affirm one’s inner strength. It seems these tools are truly needed more than ever, in a variety of ways. If you or someone you care about could find comfort and strength from Fractalline Healing, please reach out, or sign up to participate in the workshops. This is a modality with a lot of potential and is able to incapsulate multiple healing modalities… so bring what you’ve learned, and enhance it with the sacred space of Fractalline Healing.

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